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Captain AmeriPHWOAR! by MohawkRex
Captain AmeriPHWOAR!
So I promised my sis a pic and as she's really into the MCU, a certain star spangled captain especially, I decided to draw the 1st Avenger and his team mates/frenemy. My sister and I are way into Alphonse Mucha's work too so I thought I'd give it a go, didn't really work, I'm still not good enough with the COPICs to manage the sort of colour gradient effect he achieved. Like many of Mucha's pics I wanted to nude it up a notch, now I mainly draw smexy ladies but never let it be said I'm not a equal opportunities pervert. I also included Hawkeye as poor old Clint always gets left out... and denied a pay raise.

As for the finished pic, I don't like how Black Widow came out, I tried to base her on Scarlett Johanson but she's more pout than lady and her lips came out a little wonky. In fact now that I look at it, she's got this creepy stare, maybe I'll try again later. I do like Falcon up top though, I can just imagine him shouting 'I'M NAKED, CUT THE CHECK!'

That feel when you realize you're drawing your little sister ecchi art... :iconpokerfacememeplz:
Applumber Jack by MohawkRex
Applumber Jack
I know Flutter's can fly, maybe the kitty was to scared and wouldn't let go, I unno, I'M TIRED!

Anyways, I drew this ages ago but never uploaded it, then I found it in my draw yesterday and quickly finished up the background.
Mane attraction by MohawkRex
Mane attraction
This is how you design mane hairstyles EQG, I don't know what it is about girls with punky hairstyles, now if Twilight cut her fringe she'd be one damn cute geek.

I'm really busy with school work, I just finished a presentation and I still have two more before Christmas, not to mention I'm looking for a job so I just wanted to practice drawing cute girls and skin tones. I'm not sure I have the right pens for darker skinned characters but I'm too poor to buy new colours at the mo so I'll practice with what I got.

I actually drew this a few days ago but I wasn't sure what to draw for a background, most erotic artists I'm stalking don't tend to draw them but I feel like I haven't finished until I've done one... maybe I'll change it later.

Lines drawn with Rotring fine liners and Sakura pigma microns
Coloured with Copic Markers

The My Little Pony brand is owned by Hasbro
The Friendship is Magic universe was created by Lauren Faust and her team
A cold day in hell! by MohawkRex
A cold day in hell!
A picture I promised a class buddy of mine over a year ago, completely forgot to do it, whoops...

Anyways, he likes Mortal Kombat, I'm not into fighting games myself but it was still an interesting picture to draw.

Doe's this count as mature content... maybe, kids know about hell (they don't need to believe it)... they have the guns and the rap music and they're doing the drugs and the sex, KIDS THESE DAYS! *Waggles cane*

Lines drawn with Rotring fine liners
Coloured with Copic Markers

The Mortal Kombat is owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
It was created by Ed Boon and John Tobias
Gale Force page 20 by MohawkRex
Gale Force page 20
So much exposition, MAKE IT STOP!

In all seriousness though, do NOT use black when you're trying to recreate a stained glass effect. It looked okay in black and white but in colour it looks bloody awful, it made me seriously consider redrawing this page. The statue within the gutter area is a tribute to our beloved Fausticorn, I wanted to get one in there for Rob Renzetti as I hear he had a large impact on Friendship is Magic and worked on some of my favorite shows including Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack and Adventure Time but alas I ran out of space. I'll make sure to squeeze him in at some point as the guys awesome.

Also, sorry for the squished text boxes, note to self, ALWAYS leave plenty of space or better yet actually edit what you write!

Gale Force cover
Gale Force page 19

Lines drawn with Rotring fine liners
Coloured with Copic Markers

The My Little Pony brand is owned by Hasbro
The Friendship is Magic universe was created by Lauren Faust and her team


Joshua Smith
United Kingdom
Im working hard to become a comic writer/artist. I only use Pen & Pencil really, I know abit old fashioned, im trying new things now with my digi stuff though. I hope you enjoy my art.

Current Residence: London, England
Favourite genre of music: HEAVY METAL!!!... and abit of classical.
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: MAITO GAI!!!
Personal Quote: HARD WORK ETHIC!!!
Thanks to eeer body that said happy birthday and gave me llamas/cake, I really appriciate it peeps.

I'm really busy with uni work at the mo but the Easter holidays are right round the corner and once i've wrapped every thing up i've got a load of pics to finish up and post.

*looks at stack of unfinished pics on my desk*


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I've barely drawn any thing in 2 months...
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